Appointment of Network Facilitator

Following a competitive tendering process a facilitator was appointed to work with the Executive Committee. The winning tenderer was Sue Russell, an experienced facilitator who has many years experience of working in the ageing sector and dealing with the needs and wants of people aged 55 and over. Sue’s role will be to help guide and develop the Executive Committee, design and develop a training programme for their needs, help them to establish an action plan for the work that they will do and promote their activities throughout the year. 


Executive Committee Activities

Since its inception the Executive Committee have had a number of engagements. The first being attendance at the launch of the Age Friendly County Strategy in the Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim, on the 16th of July 2012.


The first formal meeting of the Executive Committee occurred on the 31st August, 2012. At this meeting the group learnt more about what their roles and responsibilities would be, clarified questions that they had, got introduced to the Network facilitator- Sue Russell, brainstormed some of their priorities over the coming year and undertook a needs analysis of the training they would like to undertake in the coming months.


The second meeting of the Executive Committee took place on Friday 12th October in the Ardboyne Hotel, Navan. Here the members decided what their priorities would be over the coming months;

  • Oversee and plan the work of the Network for the first 12 months- Executive Committee meetings once a month

  • Agree a workplan for the Network based on the outcomes of the Shaping the Future Report

  • Work with an experienced facilitator to put in place solutions to address the needs/issues highlighted in the Report

  • Lobby on behalf  of over 55’s in Meath and voice the concerns of Network members

  • Represent the Network on the Age Friendly County Alliance (2 people)

At the following Executive Committee meeting on the 16th of November the members undertook some training in the area of ‘Building Media Relations’. This covered topics such as writing press releases, developing good relationships with media, gathering a press list etc. The election of two representatives onto the Age Friendly County Alliance was also discussed as well as the election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Laterlife Executive Committee. Five Committee members were agreeable to put their names forward for election. Ballot papers were then sent to each member to vote. Mary Calt and Pat Cussen were elected as the representatives onto the Age Friendly Alliance with Mary being Chairperson and Pat being Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Committee.


Each month the Executive Committee will continue to meet and monthly newsletters will be published to keep the larger Network group up to date about their activities, upcoming events or issues of relevance to people aged 55 and over in the County. These will be distributed locally by Network members, in local libraries and shops and they will also be published on this website page in the ‘Newsletter’ section.


Laterlife Network Activities


The first Laterlife Network event occurred in the Ardboyne Hotel on Monday the 9th of July, 2012. Over 200 people were present on the day and the concept of the Network was explained to all those present. The representatives of the electoral areas were elected at this event and the representatives of the sectoral groups were chosen following nominations from the corresponding groups.


A second meeting of the Network took place on Wednesday the 24th October, 2012 with over 300 people in attendance. The format of the meeting include round table discussions on the topics from the ‘Shaping the Future’ document which will aid in the development of the work plan for the Executive Committee. The aim of these discussions at the event was to get practical, actionable ideas and suggestions which the Executive Committee can then incorporate into an action plan to implement the recommendations & conclusions of the report, covering the areas of Transport, Housing, Health and Quality of Life in county Meath. The remainder of the day incorporated information and dissemination from various service providers in County Meath. To finish there was dinner, dancing and entertainment in the afternoon to coincide with social inclusion week.